Tattooing for about 15 years give or take, but my passion for artwork.. lettering specifically started when I was very young. Graffiti, pin striping and sign painting provided a great foundation for me before learning to tattoo. I was lucky enough to get a traditional apprenticeship from the great Brian Brenner of Truth & Triumph Tattoo in Dayton OH. Once I got a machine in my hand its been an every day obsession that I'm still in love with today. Even more.

Since 2010 I've spent the majority of my time out of a shop working tattoo conventions from small towns in Nebraska all the way to South America, Australia, Asia and all over mainland Europe.

In February 2022 I opened Third Street Classic Tattoo located at 1307 E. 3rd st. Dayton OH 45403. This is where you'll be able to find me until the end of my time in the chair. working daily, surrounded by talented tattooers forever chasing perfection.

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