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The Lettering Brush Set, VOLUME TWO

The Lettering Brush Set, VOLUME TWO

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We're back! THE LETTERING BRUSH SET version 2. This set simply started with making a few brushes along the way to help cut my time in half when doing commission/tattoo work. While making them more ideas started flowing so I ended up with 15 new brushes. Once I got them perfectly dialed in I decided it was time to make the ultimate lettering building set so I started creating the 12 different dynamic lettering grids to help build great flowing compositions all while keeping everything straight and correct. Still not satisfied with the set I went into making a full custom alphabet stamp set of my favorite style to completion with uppercase/lowercase, and numbers to match totaling 62 stamps. Feeling satisfied and proud of the set I sat back and thought I would add add a cherry on top. So I added 7 ornamental stamps and 4 texture brushes to create a cracked/distressed look to your work bringing the set to a massive 100 pieces. Each and every one made by hand by ME and dialed to perfection to help you create your finest work with ease!

After placing your order, you can find the download link on the receipt page or in your confirmation email. (To make this process as easy as possible, it’s best to do this on your iPad.) Click on the link and it will open your web browser. It will ask you if you want to download the .brushset file. Click the download button. Check your downloads folder (most likely the “Files” app on your iPad Pro). From here you can click on the downloaded file(s) and they will be imported right into Procreate. Note that the download link will expire within 24 hours of your first access. If you need a visual explanation of this process, this video should help:

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